V0.1 beta is out

Hi guys,

Finally, we have finished the Beta version of Edgeline Editor.

You can download it from HERE.

This version comes with the basic features:

  • the most important widgets
  • ability to create multiple screens
  • events
  • animations
  • styles (only local styles on the objects)

We keep adding new features and fixing bugs like the style editor, font importing, and new widgets.
We’ll open a new topic for every new version.


  • the current version is only for Windows, we are working on the Linux and OSX ports
  • code generation is not yet available, will come in one of the upcoming releases

Restrictions for Beta:

  • the number of screens is limited to 3 and screen size to 480x320

We tailor EdgeLine to be as intuitive as possible, but if you get stuck, then here is a brief user guide:

  • Download and run the installer
  • Run EdgeLine
  • Click the Sign up button and register on lvgl.io
  • Login into EdgeLine
  • Name your project and choose a location for it.
  • Click the Create button
  • Copy some images to the assets folder in the project’s location
  • Add widgets, apply styles, add events and create animations to them
  • Share your experience here :slight_smile:

A command-line window is also opened with EdgeLine. We left it visible for debugging purposes.
Please, do not close this window, and if you see any issues take a screenshot of it as well.

If you have any questions, found bugs, have any ideas, please open a new topic here in the EdgeLine category.


was able to load it and sort of run it on linux with wine. login buttons froze up a couple times but after login it seemed to almost work. i might try again on windows to see if at wasnt working past that or i dont have any idea what im doing yet (equally likely)

Thanks for the feedback. We haven’t tested it with Wine.
The “normal” Linux version is almost working, there is only a mystery with the project location selector window. Somehow it randomly freezes :confused:

Nice work!
But I am stuck in registration(no response), weird.

A few other people also reported issues with the registration. Monday will be a national holiday here but will check it on Tuesday.

Does it work with a different email address?

I tried @163.com, @hotmail.com, with no lucks.

Thanks, we will check what’s going on.

Thank you~ Please make sure Mac is supported.
Also ask for a resolution of 1024 or higher.


Would really like to try it out.
When clicking on the download link, AVG warns of a virus.
See attached image.

I can’t download the software. Does anyone have problem in downloading it?

Hi kisvegabor.

I installed the EE with not problems in my Inspiron i3, 8G RAM, 420G SSD under Windows10. I setup a screen with two panels and some widgets in each in not time, very easy. The only drawback is that, in my PC, drawing and adding new widgets takes a lot of time, a new widget takes 5 seconds in appears once added. Also, it looks like a lot of widgets are missing, I suppose they are under construction.

Wish list:

  • add a configurable (ON/OFF and points distance) grid to align the objects in the panel
  • resize the objects from corners without losing the X Y relationship.

Great tool!

Best regards,

Thanks for the feedback. I think because there is no certificate on the installer and the exe.
We will add the certification for the next beta version.

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Do you see any error? It’s just a zip file on a regular webserver.
Maybe is it your antivirus software?

Uh, 5 seconds is really odd. The rendered image is sent to EdgeLine via a localhost port. It shouldn’t be that fast. Maybe it’s also an antivirus issue? Is it faster if you disable your antivirus software?

I agree with that

X/Y are kept according to the selected “Align” mode (see near to the width, height, x, y input fields.)

No installation problem with a new windows update. It’s look very good. How can I add local fonts in a project?

Thank you.

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I confirm, it is the antivirus (Avast)

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antivirus blocks the app and url. its strange didnt it?
interesting what have u done in app - that triggers AV.
i am working in C# in visual studio when i am developing app for windows, but ive never got such reaction from AV.

I think the binary doesn’t have a certificate on it, so it’s possible that the antivirus is more aggressive about checking such a binary.

Now only the built-in fonts can be used. A font manager will come in the upcoming versions.