Wireless-Tag WT32-SC01- a thin 3.5-inch Color Touchscreen Display Based on ESP32

Looking for an ESP32 board with a color touchscreen display? If you’d like a thinner and larger display, Wireless-Tag WT32-SC01 is for your choice!

  • (click pic to get know more details and sample)

WT32-SC01 is a development board for 3.5-inch visual color touch screen based on ESP32-WROVER-B module with a 2-point capacitive touchscreen designed to be integrated into your own project or product.
(click pic to get know more details and sample)

The board card is equipped with 8MS GUI platform independently developed. It is an embedded software development system supporting cross-platform, and the interface supports switching between Chinese and English. Developers can use visual drag and build blocks by mouse.This platform brings great convenience to both beginners and experienced developers.

WT32-SC01 Parameter:
Display: 3.5-inch LCD screen
Resolution: 320*480
SOC: ESP32-WROVER-B module
CPU: Dual-core Xtensa® 32-bit LX6 MCU
Wi-Fi: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi 802.11b /g/n protocol
Bluetooth: Comply with V4.2BR /EDR and low power Bluetooth standards
Expansion – 2x 40-pin I/O pads with GPIO, I2C, VN/VP, I2S, UART, 5V, 3.3V, GND
Power supply: DC 5V/2A
Operating temperature: – 20 ~ +85 °C
Size: 91 mmx58mm

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Thanks for sharing this information.
How can I download circuit schematic diagram of this board?
Which LCD display - controller , Touchpad - controller exist on the board?

EDIT: A few days ago I bought an esp32-wrover-kit v4.1 with big hopes; It is an original espressif board, it has nuttx and lvgl support, good features, good value … what else I can expect ! The board came fast, I loaded appropriate nuttx configuration, run lvgldemo… hugh, the display was running up and down as seen on old time TVs, touch keypad was not working, I thought that there is something wrong in firmware, opened an issue about the strange behavior of lvgl demo, then I learned that esp32-wrover-kit does not have a touch keypad, and the lvgldemo is making a special demo ( different than others that I tried before ) because of none-existent user entry ! This was a great surprise for me, once again spending money and time to test another board. That’s why I am asking details, I am tired of testing new boards.

And everybody in this forum deserves to read and see our discussion therefore I believe it is better if you answer here.!

Many thanks for your comment. Plz visit our website below and send inquiry there.Have technical support for you.
Wireless-tag Wt32-sc01 Esp32 320*480 3.5inch 3.5" 3.5 Inch Custom Power Supply Tn Tft Lcd Display Modul With Esp32-wrover-b Soc - Buy Lcd Modul,Lcd Display Modul,Tft Lcd Modul Product on Alibaba.com

What differs asking a question here and asking on alibaba page? Why don’t you answer right now. Here is a good place to talk about technical matters.

Sir, I quite understand your worry. We are proffesional IOT solution factory and as the Partner of Espressif Syatem. Plz don’t worry. We’re pleased to answer your all questions. But your for further question it concern about our R&D issue, so we’d better send you in private. Plus, I’m just a writer responsible for share information on LVGL. But I don’t know much about the technical issue. Wireless-Tag has strict R&D team to offer technical support for anyone inquiry from Alibaba first. And there you can contact with them more convenient.

At last, appreciate your questions again, plz kindky understand and chat via link sent. :grinning:

You could simply ask this question to somebody sitting behind you (if you don’t know where is the user manual or something) and provide us just a download link instead of writing more than 100 words.

Here is our Website have basic dadasheet for your reference. Or feel free to contact catherine@wireless-tag.com

This post was marked as spam/off-topic. I messaged to @WIRELESS_TAG and clarified that this product use 8ms GUI system which is based on LVGL so this topic is relevant in this forum.

Hi, Good Day! Understand. Plz check below reply.

  1. How can I download circuit schematic diagram of this board?

—Link as below for datasheet include circuit schematic diagram.

  1. Which LCD display - controller , Touchpad - controller exist on the board?
    ------Driver IC of Screen is ST7796S, TP driver IC is FT6336U.
    Pls refer to below link for screen and TP libraries.
    GitHub - Bodmer/TFT_eSPI: Arduino and PlatformIO IDE compatible TFT library optimised for the Raspberry Pi Pico (RP2040), STM32, ESP8266 and ESP32 that supports different driver chips
    GitHub - aselectroworks/Arduino-FT6336U: FocalTech FT6336U (Self-Capacitive Touch Panel Controller) library for Arduino.
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Agreed that this looks like vendor spam! Wireless-Tag should consider submitting the board for proper LVGL certification :slight_smile:

We have been using these boards with our own custom firmware for months. I’m using PlatformIO with Arduino-ESP32 and TFT_eSPI. It runs stock lvgl just fine without the need for the 8ms GUI website…

The configuration for TFT_eSPI can be found on our Github repo.
I compiled a small overview page in our documentation site.

The Pros of this board:

  • 3.5" 480x320 ST7796S TFT Display
  • Capacitive touchscreen FT6336U
  • 8 MB PSram
  • Fair price point
  • Expansion headers

The cons:

  • Only 4 MB flash on basic model (there is a 16MB SKU too)
  • Poor viewing angles in landscape mode
  • Mounting holes placement

Or have a look at the Wireless-Tag Github repo for their lvgl examples.


I’d be happy to do it :slight_smile:


I hope you are well ! Thanks for your advice again. We do consider submitting the board for proper LVGL certification if it’s workable. So there goes below quetions would like to consult you first.

1.What’s the whole certificate progress?

2.What do we need to prepare? We have several products gonna be under LVGL certificated.(RTOS ESP32 and SSD201)

3.What’ the certificate testing standards?

4.How much and how to pay the certification fees?

5.Which Inspection agency?

6.How can we send samples to you?

7.May I have your any other contact way?Wechat, What’s up or…?


I am sure @kisvegabor will be able to help you. He is the one that has reviewed all of the currently certified boards.

You can find more information about the certification process on lvgl.io under Services > Certification.

It is a mistake with USB-C schematic: CC1 and CC2 lines should be connected to ground via 5.1K resistors - otherwise it is impossible to use USB-C - USB-C cable: without 5.1k resistors PSU will not power the WT32-SC01

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hi sorry for dragging up old post but… did anyone ever work out name of component missing from under oval window on glass side of the display ?

According to this post it is a vcnl4030x01 (U1) which is a Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor which supports gesture recognition.

thankyou … off to find data sheets :slight_smile:

ESP-IDF & Arduino samples for WT32-SC01 using LVGL8 + LOVYANGFX

Device : WT32-SC01
Display / Touch Drivers : LovyanGFX
Widgets : LVGL 8.x


Arduino => WT32-SC01 + LVGL8 + LOVYANGFX

But on this wt32-SC01 how do you use both expansions boards?

The two expansion ports break out most of the GPIOs, so you can use them in your code.
For the pin diagram of these headers check the WT32-SC01 datasheet on Page 6/24 Figure 3-3.