V0.2 beta is out


Based on your feedback we have improved EdgeLine:

New features

  • Integrate the Terminal window into EdgeLine
  • Add image upload option to the Assets panel
  • Improve the Event panel
  • Add default name to the new events
  • Add default name to the new animations
  • In Play mode the inactive screens are greyed
  • Set the default UI scale to 200% on high-resolution monitors
  • Widgets can be dragged to the screen to create them
  • Add Tab navigation on input elements


  • Improve performance- Fix crash if all animations are deleted
  • Add new objects to the animation’s default object list

v0.2 is available HERE.

For v0.3 our main goal are:

  • Code export
  • Linux build (OSX coming soon too)

Suggestions after testing:

  • There’s no slider in the layout section. If the screen have many elements, you cannot access the lower ones
  • Add the possibility to add custom fonts to the design.
  • Add missing widgets
  • When grouping objects change their place.
  • Add CTRL+Z key shortcut for undo
  • There’s no option to change screen background
  • When entering text into label, when pressing TAB (\t) the field switches to next (cannot insert many TABs at the same time)

I think one user request this behavior to improve navigation in the toolbars. Maybe tabs can be used to jump to next property in numeric properties but not in text properties?
But I think that write “\t” on text properties not very common, it is?

What do you mean by “layout section”?

These will come soon :slight_smile:

It’s really missing, thanks. We will add it.

Now the screen is very dumb but it would be really great to add styles to it.

TAB is LVGL is simily replaced by 2 spaces so IMO it’s not so useful to write tabs in a text.