Support a hovering effect on a button

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when i move the mouse on the button but not press its there a way that the button know its was focus

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?


What do you want to achieve?

when i move mouse on the button the button know that it was foucs and show some text to let user know what the button work for

What have you tried so far?

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If I understood well you mean “hovering” (in HTML/CSS terminology).

It it is not supported right now, although I’m considering to add it for a while.

I’m moved this topic to “Feature request” category.
Let’s if other people are also interested in it.

I’m not sure that it makes sense to add hovering, mainly because I think most devices using LittlevGL are either:

  • Using a keypad-like input device (in which case we already have the ability to highlight focused objects), or
  • Using a touchscreen (in which case users won’t be able to hover).

Actually I postponed this feature because of it as well.
But let’s see if others are interested in this feature too.

may be its can be a selectable feature,honestly,when the mouse move ,should caculate the coord,it cost much

I’m pretty sure that most devices with LittlevGL have some form of touch-based input rather than a mouse.

Maybe support focusing individual buttons? With the current button matrix setup, the whole button matrix gets highlighted by the focus, it kinda makes it impossible to style the button matrix (especially when it’s the only focus-able object on the screen) because you’ll have to disable the focus style or something, idk.
Not to mention the “focus” done for the individual buttons inside the matrix for keypad users simply uses the “button pressed style”, which means there is NO feedback at all when a button is actually pressed by a keypress.

Please consider a way of supporting the actual individual button focus!

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I am interested in this feature too. I plan to use LVGL on the system that only support mouse and keyboard. The feature is useful for using the mouse device. Very hopefully LVGL can support it.

Hovering is not support yet. :frowning: Probably it can be added in a minor release of v8.

I am also interested on this feature. I’m developing a software tool based on LVGL v8.1 :blush:

Already on the roadmap for v8.2 :slight_smile:

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