Setup LVGL in a simulator with 4 clicks in 2 minutes


I’ve set up GitHub Codespace for LVGL. With this you can create, test, develop, build UIs with LVGL in an online VSCode editor. The result UI will be shown in VSCode too as a HTML file. All these are free for 30 hours per month (with the default 4 CPU core server)

All this takes only 4 click and 2 minutes assuming that you are already at the lvgl repo :slight_smile:

  • 1st click: Click on the Code button: image

  • 2nd click: Click on the Codespaces tab

  • 3rd click: Click the Create Codespace on master button:

  • Wait a minute while the workspace is setting up

  • Drag file to the Terminal and press enter (I considered it as one click :slightly_smiling_face: ) You can also just type ./ into the Terminal.

  • Wait a minute while LVGL is compiling

  • Enjoy! :blush:

How does it work on your end?

Do you have any ideas how to start with a “real click”? :smiley: