MIMXRT595-EVK + G1120B0MIPI Will pay for 1 on 1 guidance

I have just purchased my first MIMXRT595-EVK and G1120B0MIPI and I am looking to pay someone to walk me through getting up and running with any known working sample project using SquareLine (or even GUI Guider) to create a UI and sending it to the board/screen successfully.

I am new to this software and hardware, my experience so far has been with switches and LED’s in the Arduino space, but I’m a quick learner if someone is there to show me the right way.

I’m not looking for someone to teach me the C language, I just want to follow someones direction to get a known working sample project up and running, so I can build off of a known working starting point.

I would prefer to work with someone that has experience with this particular board and screen, please message me to set up a rate/time if you are interested

You can use GUI Guider to deploy a LVGL project on i.MX RT595, please select MIMXRT595S in device template, an application template and select 400x392 for screen size, then click “Run Target” to build and deploy the project on board.

I am not the profi for GUI, but my suggestion would be that you follow the example provided by NXP SDK, there must be some existing example project which can create some simple GUI on the display.

Be aware that you are using the same hardware setup which the NXP recommended in the example, because you are newbie in 32-bit uC, it is very hard to figure out all the MCAL configuration in a short time.

good luck

best regards

@Siwei_Xia , @luozhenhua I appreciate both of you taking the time to reply. I did try to make it through the examples and ended up failing while uploading to the board, with an error that I didn’t know enough about to trouble shoot. I could spend the time to post the error on this forum and wait for some kind souls to offer suggestions free of charge and try different things until I figure out what i’ve been doing wrong till I get it working. But I think it would be faster and less frustrating if I just pay someone to walk me through something that is known to work 1 on 1. I learn better that way, and i’m willing to compensate a capable person for their time.


two questions:

  1. did you install the latest SDK in NXP MCUXpresso? The demo from NXP is a little boring, but useful for some basic understanding

  2. go to this web-site, there is a free tools to use for playing some fantastic demo on your EVK. You have to be patient to follow the instruction from the company and learn how to setup your IDE, compile (build) your program and upload it.

I have at home a iRTMX1170-EVK. A much advanced one, every DEMO launched very well by my EVK. So I think you can do it by yourself too.

At last, i upload here my personal guide line to teach you how to setup your IDE (I did it for my EVK, but the function principle shall be the same)
Learn more in the youtube. I did it last year all by myself alone.

If you need the guideline for Embedded IDE setup, I can give you per Email. I am not allowed to upload any excel file here.

Guide Line - Toolchain - NXP.pdf (645.5 KB)