[META] Forum BUG -- Please Advise

Click user Icon in Upper right > Click user name > Preferences

Left Menu Bar

Notifications > Categories > ‘Watching First Post’

I can’t remove the categories ‘My projects’, ‘How-to’, ‘Get started’, and ‘Announcements’

It’s spamming my e-mail with unrelated posts I don’t care about and the only solution I can find is in the footer of said e-mail muting ALL e-mail from this forum, at which point, I’ll likely just delete my account.

I came here because I was planning on using it as a place to ask questions about contributing on Github, this makes the forum useless for that purpose for me.

The fact that it took me two days to find where the setting was these e-mails were originating form after I thought I’d locked down notifications was… mildly infuriating already.

EDIT: I came back to post my browser information, but suffice it to say I’ve tried it on 3 OS’s across 4 browsers and I’m unable to change the ‘watching first post’ notification anywhere.

If this is a global setting @kisvegabor, @embeddedt I implore you please fix it, it’s ruining my experience in this community.

This bug has unfortunately been around for quite a while. You can use this workaround to remove the “watching first post” status from categories.

I will check the global settings as well.

Ohmygosh Thank You!

That… is a massive bug, and incredibly infuriating! Felt like I was taking crazy pills for the last two days messing with settings.

Back to ‘actual work’ of trying to get my brain to do the thing.

@kisvegabor The version of Discourse we are using is almost a year old; it might be a good idea to update as this bug could potentially be fixed.

For the time of updating the forum will be down for 5-10 minutes. Do you think we should announce it or just do it?

I was thinking about what is the least active time but I couldn’t find a good time for the update.

Since it’s just 5-10 minutes, we can probably just do it at any point with an announcement a few hours in advance.

Okay, I’ve added the announcement and pinned it as banner.


It took a little bit longer because there was an error during the upgrade but it’s up and running now.

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I’ve tested it and it looks like that has also fixed the bug!


Thanks for the quick response on this, and the quick fix. Looking forward to participating more in the future.

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