Should I be able to stop watching categories?

I’d like to turn off email notifications for new topics in each category. So I went to my preferences, but it seems like I can’t click on the “×” next to the list of categories I’m watching (or rather I can, but it doesn’t remove anything):


How do I disable this?

I saw this:

…but the answer there is about weekly summaries, not the first post notifications.

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Looks like a forum UI issue. :confused: I added a category to “Watching First Post” to test and I was also not able to remove it.

@kisvegabor Are there any updates available for the forum software? Perhaps it’s time to do another update?

Okay phew, I thought it was some sort of compulsory setting :grimacing:

This is now resolved as of the forum upgrade on May 26, 2021. You should now be able to remove categories with the X in your user preferences.

Original post:

I may have found a workaround for this. If you go to the category list and then choose one of the categories you are watching, I think you can remove it from the “Watching First Post” list there.

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Ahh much better! Thanks!