Memory usage of page/list

I read the documentation about page/list

My question: seems like for long lists, lots of memory will be consumed. If i add images to the list items, it gets especially bad. Is there any way around this? e.g. being able to only consume memory for items on screen (maybe + one item above below screen), and then as the list scrolls rendering more items. Any thoughts on if this is possible?

This is theoretically possible to implement but isn’t supported within the library right now. A workaround is to use a page-based approach like Google, where there is a limited number of items in the list at a time, and the user must explicitly go to the next page.

Any guidance on how I might do it? I can take a stab at it

See Too big memory consumption by "page" list. You can significantly reduce memory consumption if use custom drawer for list item, instead of put children inside.