LVGL v8 is available for testing!


Almost every planned feature is implemented for v8. Now what we need the most is a lot of feedback about bugs and possible regressions.

v8 is available in the master branch of lvgl. is a ready-to-use project with v8. Note that the driver registration part slightly changed. The most important thing is that drivers lv_indev_drv_t, lv_disp_drv_t and lv_fs_drv_t needs to be static.

I suggest trying the demo widget first. It should work well on small (240x240) and very large (1280x720) screens.

The followings will be added soon:

  • The copy parameter is not working yet in the create functions
  • the mono theme
  • updating the docs
  • updating the MicroPython binding

In v8 there is an examples directory where you find a lot of examples for widgets, layouts, etc.

If you have minor remarks, comment on GitHub here.
For bigger issues please open a new issue on GitHub.

Here is a teaser about the new widgets demo on 800x480:

Thank you very much if you test v8 and tell your experience :slightly_smiling_face:


It did not play android phone.

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Fantastic work, looks incredibly great!

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Try here:

Great job!! Fantastic! Look forward to integrating it in SO3 :slight_smile:

The video dont play on my android phone !!!

Here’s a live demo link running using Emscripten (better than a video :wink:)

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Interestingly it doesn’t work for me either on phone. Maybe it’s an issue of the forum engine.

is there have VS STUDIO‘s version

You can simply update the submodules of and use lv_conf files of

ok,i will try this .

Sir, could you please tell me how to load JPG file from SD card in LVGL?

Take look at this:
However, it’s still not updated to v8.

I’am using lvgl v7-11 w/sam3x8e (due) connected to an ra8875 (480*272) tft display via Dma spi port.This version works very fine (widget example, encoder, stress test etc…)…
But i can’t run the v8-0 version… it’s normal??Do i have to wait for the next version?
Best regards

How do you mean it? You can’t compile it, it’s not compatible with your previous UI (it’s normal, v8 has API breaking changes), or it freezes?

Hi Gabor
Tyhank you for your replay…

Yes i can compile it after some lilttle bug fix :

static lv_disp_draw_buf_t draw_buf;

static lv_color_t buf_1[RES_X * 10];
static lv_color_t buf_2[RES_X * 10];


lv_disp_draw_buf_init(&draw_buf, buf_1, buf_2, screenWidth * 10);

With the LV_USE_LOG set to 1 then LV_LOG_LEVEL_TRACE i got lot of messages but no explicite error message… i can try again and send you the messages if you want…

I have a JTAG probe and i can see that the flush_driver is never triggered… and yes the display frezzes (stay black) and the Due is halted…

It’s not a big problem because the 7.11 works perfectly and fluently w/ SPI dma transaction…

Next week end l’ll test more


Good news : V8 runs perfectly now… I forgot to add static w/ disp_drv and indev_drv in the .ino example!!
I tested a very simple example but it’s too early to try a more sophisticated example because i get lot of compilation errors with 7-11 code and V8 library…

Best regards

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i have try in simulator v8.
But manual of v8 is missing?