Lvgl V8.3 ,tabview stay between tab1 and tab2,not snap to tab1 / tab2

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What do you want to achieve?

tabview snap to tab1/tab2/tab2,insted of between them

What have you tried so far?

I attempted to print the scroll x position in lv_tabview.c,my screen is 1024*60,the result is 0-1024-2048,that match three tabs,but what i see is the tabview stay bewteen tab1&tab2

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when i click the button ,it can scroll to the des tab,but when i slide the screen,it may happen sometimes(between tab1&tab2)

Odd, might I suggest changing the configuration option LV_USE_LARGE_COORD to 1 in lv_conf.h.
Happens very often with rollers too when the data inside takes up a lot of pixels, do not ask me what the LV_USE_LARGE_COORD setting is for but it often fixes things like this.

thanks bro,but i check my lv_conf.h,LV_USE_LARGE_COORD has already been set to 1,but the problem still exists

Are you sure

  • lv_tick_inc() and lv_timer_handler is called periodically?
  • the program is not crashed and frozen

I set #define LV_TICK_CUSTOM 1 last time,so I didn’t call the lv_tick_inc(),but the lv_timer_handler is called periodically like this

	while (1)
		usleep(5 * 1000);		

The program is running normally. When I click the tabview button or swipe again, the screen will be normal