LVGL Graphics engine support to run for renesas rh850 controller


I need to use lvgl as my graphic engine using that need to execute basic display content initially as of now one fill screen , one image and button in the renesas controller

Please provide some suggestion how to achieve it. In order to achieve the above mentioned contents in my display what is the basic procedure and what are all the files modification i have to do for it

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?


What LVGL version are you using?


What do you want to achieve?

i am planning to create a graphics tool which support and use lvgl as a base

What have you tried so far?

I modify and replace lvtempl.h to lvconfig and enable the macro what should i do to proceed further


Please take a look at the documentation for getting started: Set-up a project — LVGL documentation

You need to make a “display driver” for transferring what LVGL produces to the output of your connected display. I have used a Renesas RA6M3 in the past and got it running quite well on that, also works on an S5D9 with some changes. I have no idea how Renesas automotive works but it might be similar.

See these two topics: How to port LVGL to the RA6M3 processor?
, and: Using DMA to transfer to the screen's framebuffer

hi Tinus, Thanks for your reply will check and let you know about the status soon.

Hi Tinus,
In order to show the basic content fill screen and image widgets.
I have mode some modification in lv_config and thread file(lv_portcntrltask)
Mentioned belows are the files which i modified to show the content in my renesas controller display.

lv_port_disp_cntrltask.c (5.8 KB)
lv_port_disp_cntrltask.h (886 Bytes)
lv_conf.h (29.7 KB)

Any corrections or modifications required. should i miss any function call or parameter.

If file not proper

Could you please share me the proper files for configuration and display content to view it in my display of basic widget contents.

I already have main file and rtos thread file which is running for almost 10ms.
How to use the config and displaydriver file along with it.
Please support

Sorry, I have no idea what these lv_port_disp_cntrltask files are. You should not be editing the files provided by LVGL except for your own copy of lv_conf.h.

Does this mean you are already able to show content on the display? You need to write your own functions for copying LVGLs buffer over to the display buffer: so seperate from the LVGL library but using LVGL’s functions. Read the manual I already provided in the previous message.

Does this mean you are already able to show content on the display? - No
Just now i started this activity
I am using renesas controller board rh850 family

Need a function or template
how to copy LVGLs buffer over to the display buffer
any source code file reference you have pleas share it.

My goal is to display a basic of one background image of size 800x480 in that i will add one small image icon and text label for practice purpose.

Once build made from the graphics tool. Srec is created successfully.

Now using that Srec binary content.
Using my Lvgl need to copy that content from lvgl buffer to display driver buffer and display should shown the content which i was made in the tool.

First off, does the RH850 have a display driver like the RA and Synergy processors do? These display drivers basically only consist of one big array of which the data gets sent to the connected display periodically. If the RH850 has something like that I can help you further.

yes its having RGL display driver.
say for an example widgets with background of 800x480 and text widget created in square line tool. After build .srec fromat file i will get. I need to flash that srec file in debugger flash for renesas.
i need a library file to support and drive the content to display.