Lv_micropython V1.12 but V1.9.4-2793 is displayed


I downloaded and built with my own modules the last repository of lv_micropython, everything is OK.
Although the micropython files match with the last micropython repository (V1.12), genhdr/mpversion.h generated by indicate v1.9.4-2793-gbefda471b-dirty.
The same is displayed on REPL after reset.
I didn’t find how to change it.

The command ‘git describe --dirty --always’ gives as result v1.9.4-2793-gbefda471b-dirty.

Then, I used the following commands indicate in a previous post (ESP32 Micropython build errors... LOTS)
git remote add micropython
git fetch micropython
git merge micropython/master

Only a few files have been updated. I build again without any file’s modifications and version is OK,

It’s perfect for me but it could be surprising or confusing for the others.

in any case, thank you for this amazing job !!

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