It doesn't show anything

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No Display

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

STM32F103 SPI OLED drive SH1107G

What do you want to achieve?

  • Simply display “Hello Word”

What have you tried so far?

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/*You code here*/

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  • Did you enable logging in lv_conf.h? If so, was anything useful printed?
  • Did you check whether lv_task_handler is being called? If so, did your flush_cb function get called?
  • The problem has been found. Thank you

Could you describe what was the problem?
Maybe it will be useful for others too.

*Due to FREERTOS, the port was not properly configured

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Tasks and threads
If you need to use real tasks or threads, you need a mutex which should be invoked before the call of and released after it. Also, you have to use the same mutex in other tasks and threads around every LVGL () related function calls and codes. This way you can use LVGL in a real multitasking environment. Just make use of a mutex to avoid the concurrent calling of LVGL functions
I added a semaphore (osSemaphorID) to the system.I just used a simple test interface,I think multiple interfaces should be the same

osSemaphorID mySysSemHandle;

void LVGL_text(void)
Add the code you want to implement.

void SYS_Task(void const * argument)

I think that semaphore is not being used correctly. You would want to wait for it at the beginning of LVGL_text and release it at the end of LVGL_text. You would also do the same for lv_task_handler.

I’m pretty sure it’s not doing much for you besides changing the timing the way you’re using it right now.