Is there any LVGL example having "ADCRAW" successfully being used on ESP-IDF TouchDisplay?

Hi LVGL users,

I currently have an ILI93441 display working on ESP-IDF, esp32 however I would like to configure and utilize the 4-resistive wires touch display. I’ve tried multiple times getting it to work and haven’t found any resources that could help me.

The issue is exactly like this one:

Any help would be appreciated! And if anyone has attempted to use a ADCRAW-4-wire setup to provide assistance :slight_smile:

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Quick update,

I’ve got to actually work. The LVGL library only uses ADC1, but I’ve reconfigured the code to use ADC2 channels as the Y+ & X-. It’s working as intended however it seems to be trigging interrupts really fast. Not sure if the LVGL library is intended for the screen to sample all the time opposed to if it’s touched.

Here’s a picture the terminal without me touching the screen. NOTE: Using ESP-IDF