I need an example for lv_i18n

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Hello guys,
I need an example of language translation. I have done fallowing example from https://github.com/lvgl/lv_i18n but it did not work on simulator.

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

What do you want to achieve?

I have created .c and .h files using ```c lv_i18n compile -t ‘translations/*.yml’ -o 'lv_i18n ``

What have you tried so far?

https://github.com/lvgl/lv_i18n#mark-up-the-text-in-your-code added to my file but getting errors for lv_i18n_language_pack.

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/*You code here*/
/*this code is inside main block*/
/* en-GB.yml file
  title1: Main menu
  pedal_warning: Please plug pedal
    one: One user is logged in
    other: '%d users are logged in'
    lv_obj_t * scr = lv_disp_get_scr_act(NULL);     /*Get the current screen*/

    // /*Create a Label on the currently active screen*/

    lv_obj_t * label =  lv_label_create(scr, NULL);
    lv_label_set_text(label, _("title1"))

Screenshot and/or video

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Does it help if you include lv_i18n.h?

No, it does not.

What error do you get exactly?

They are already define in lv_i18n, and i have also tried to extern language_pack. I am using lvgl_version 6.0.0

It doesn’t look like the generated C file is in the Makefile’s source file list.

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I am checking it.

It worked thanks. I will share solution.

This solution works for simulator:
1- Create *.mk file in lv_i18n folder, so mine is lv_i18n.mk
add lines below to *.mk file you have created (lv_i18n.mk)

CSRCS += lv_i18n.c
DEPPATH += --dep-path $(LVGL_DIR)/lv_i18n
VPATH += :$(LVGL_DIR)/lv_i18n
CFLAGS += "-I$(LVGL_DIR)/lv_i18n"

2- Add include $(LVGL_DIR)/lv_i18n/lv_i18n.mk into Makefile

3- Update file to show lv_i18n header and C files in CMakeList.txt, so mine is look like:

file(GLOB_RECURSE INCLUDES "lv_drivers/*.h" "lv_examples/*.h"   "lvgl/*.h"    "lv_i18n/*.h"  "./*.h" )
file(GLOB_RECURSE SOURCES  "lv_drivers/*.c" "lv_examples/*.c"   "lv_i18n/*.c"  "lvgl/*.c" )

It looks like working but when i switch language it is not changing on label, so do i miss something to do it? Do i need to call it again?

it prints outs title when i switch language but not changed in label

I think you may have to set the label’s text again. I don’t think there is any hook that changes it automatically.

OK. Thanks, i will create task to refresh when i switch language.

Yes, the label’s text needs to set again.

In V5, there was LV_SIGNAL_LANG_CHG in the signal.
So the user only needs to call lv_lang_set() to modify the current language.
Why is this feature not supported in the new version?

I have not used language packet in V5 but i wrote function to get message id by message for v6.x. So you can get message id then update text.

  * Get message id by message
const char *ay_i18n_get_message_id(const char * msg) {
  static uint8_t lang_id;
  uint16_t i;

  const char *cur_lang_name = lv_i18n_get_current_locale();

  // update for your languages
  if(strcmp(cur_lang_name,"en-GB")) {
    lang_id = 0; // english
  } else {
    lang_id = 1; // turkish

  // FIXME: update for plurals 
  if(lv_i18n_language_pack[lang_id]->singulars != NULL) {
    lv_i18n_phrase_t * trans = lv_i18n_language_pack[lang_id]->singulars;
    for(i = 0; trans[i].translation != NULL; i++) {
      if(strcmp(trans[i].translation, msg) == 0) {
        /*The msg_id has found. Check the translation*/
        if(trans[i].msg_id) return trans[i].msg_id;
  return NULL;

I didn’t understand your code.

My application is to use the roller to switch to a different language.
I want to refresh the text of all labels of the entire obj tree in the event_cb of the roller.
In v6, I can only update one by one manually, there is no way like lv_lang_set().

You need to call all labels then update text.

* en.yml
* en-GB:
*       warning: "WARNING!"
* tr.yml
* en-GB:
*       warning: "UYARI!"
* Also you need to create lv_i18n.c/h by using 
* lv_i18n compile -t 'translations/*.yml' -o 'lv_i18n'
* in terminal
// I assume that your label already created above
// you need to take lines below to your event  function
const char *text , *text_id;
text = lv_label_get_text(your_label);
// this function from above (i wrote)
text_id = ay_i18n_get_message_id(text);
//this is for update text
lv_label_set_text(your_label, _(text_id));

It will be updated when language is changed

I understand what you mean. This is manually updated one by one.

In V5, after calling lv_lang_set(), these are automatically updated.

Is there any way to automatically update the text of all labels similar to v5’s lv_lang_set() function?

There is no automatic way in the new versions. When the multilanguage support was rewritten we decided to use this method because the “normal” gettext work like this as well.