How to set the list style of the dropdown list when open the dropdown list?

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hi, I need to show dropdown list options with some chinese charactor, so I add my font to the button style by lv_obj_add_style(ddlist, &style, LV_PART_MAIN), but when I open the dropdown list, the options in the list is not fully display. So I read the docs again and try to add the list style in the LV_EVENT_VALUE_CHANGED, but it still doesn’t work. I debug the code shown below, I found while it open the dropdown list, it can’t run into the if condition, only when I clicked one option it can. Also, the list I get is always NULL.

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V 8.0.1

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    lv_style_t g_generalDropDownlist_Bg;
    lv_style_t g_generalDropDownlist_List;

static void dropdownlist_event_cb(lv_event_t* e)
    lv_event_code_t code = lv_event_get_code(e);
    lv_obj_t* obj = lv_event_get_target(e);

    if (code == LV_EVENT_VALUE_CHANGED)
        lv_obj_t* list = lv_dropdown_get_list(obj);

        if (list != NULL)
            lv_obj_add_style(list, &g_generalDropDownlist_List, LV_PART_MAIN);

int main()
    lv_style_set_radius(&g_generalDropDownlist_Bg, 0);
    lv_style_set_text_font(&g_generalDropDownlist_Bg, &msyh_12);

    lv_style_set_text_font(&g_generalDropDownlist_List, &msyh_12);

    s_limitObj.ddlist = lv_dropdown_create(parent);
    lv_dropdown_set_symbol(s_limitObj.ddlist, NULL);
    lv_obj_add_style(s_limitObj.ddlist, &g_generalDropDownlist_Bg, LV_PART_MAIN);
    lv_dropdown_set_options(s_limitObj.ddlist, "参数1\n参数2\n参数3");
    lv_obj_set_width(s_limitObj.ddlist, 120);
    lv_obj_add_event_cb(s_limitObj.ddlist, dropdownlist_event_cb, LV_EVENT_VALUE_CHANGED, NULL);
    lv_obj_align_to(s_limitObj.ddlist, LimitParamGroup,
                    LV_ALIGN_OUT_RIGHT_MID, 16, 0);

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the effect is shown like this


Thanks for the report. It was really bug in LVGL. I’ve just fixed it in master.

I’ve noticed that LV_EVENT_VALUE_CHANGE for value change is not a good idea because it conflicts with option selection. I pushed a new fix to sends LV_EVENT_READY/CANCEL on open/close respectively.

Fine, it will be better to update the docs instructions, by the way, when will the new version be released?

I’ve updated the docs too. (Takes a few minutes to update)

There is no fixed release date for v8.1. We are working on the features listed here [v8.1] Planning · Issue #2276 · lvgl/lvgl · GitHub