How to load image from file into memory and display from memory?

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Code to reproduce

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FIL File;
int NumBytesRead = 0;
f_open(&File, "S:\\Test.bin", FA_READ);
char *pic = (char *)malloc_DDR2(FileInf.fsize);
f_read(&File, pic, FileInf.fsize, &NumBytesRead);

lv_obj_t *Logo = lv_img_create(WinStartMenu); 	
lv_img_set_src(Logo, pic);
lv_obj_set_x(Logo, 0);
lv_obj_set_y(Logo, 0);

Screenshot and/or video

I do as described above, but the image does not appear
if i do like this lv_img_set_src(Logo, “S:\Test.bin”);
That image appears.

If you are using the standard f_open you should use normal file path too. E.g. f_open(&File, "Test.bin", FA_READ);

If you are using FATFS and want to display images directly from file you should enable LV_USE_FS_FATFS in lv_conf.h. After that you can do

lv_img_set_src(Logo, "S:/Test.bin");