General file browser based on lvgl



lv_100ask_file_explorer is a lightweight implementation of a simple and general file browser based on lvgl. (1.8 MB)


lv_100ask_file_explorer features:

  • Lightweight, concise and expandable
  • Quick access bar can be cropped
  • Custom style
  • more todo…

lv_100ask_file_explorer is very simple to use, and the subsequent custom expansion functions are also very convenient, so stay tuned for more functions.


Refer to the example in lv_lib_100ask/test/lv_100ask_file_explorer.

Get it


Very nice!

If you are interested in adding it to the LVGL (similarly to Pinyin IME), a Pull request would be very welcome :slight_smile:

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That sounds good! I hope lv_100ask_file_explorerhas can help you better.

But lv_100ask_file_explorer has several problems that need to be improved. I will finish them as soon as next month.

Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

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