EdgeLine v0.3 is released

Please attach the log from: ~/.config/unity3d/LVGL Kft_/EdgeLine/Player.log. Depending on the version of EdgeLine your using LVGL Kft_ can be Game-Ever Bt_.

@kisvegabor My company are definitely interested in using Edgeline, we use annual licences but would be open to whatever you guys decide. Looks great by the way

Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:

Hi @kisvegabor
As far as I understood by checking the V0.3, There is no “Angle” in the animation properties, means you can’t make rotation animation for images and stuff;

And my question is,
Is this feature going to be under “advanced animation editor” categorize that you mentioned in the Professional plan? or it’ll be added in Free plan as well?

Many thanks for your effort!



rotation and zoom animation will be part of the standard version. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the answer.

is there a rough estimation for 0.4 or even a timeframe when 1.0 will release?
i’ve seen you are waiting on some legal stuff for 0.4. I really hope its resolved soon :slight_smile:

Yes, we are aiming this October with v1.0, but at worst case end of this year. :slight_smile:


On window 10 i try install version 0.3 and 0.3.1 but installer not start :roll_eyes:
if i unpack file i get this directory:

Hmm, so far nobody else reported this. What if you start the installer from command line? Do you see any log messages?

Please help.
Fail to sign up, inform as belows:
The h-captcha-response field is required.

if I start it from explorer it shows that the mouse pointer changes in wheel for a couple of seconds and I don’t receive any message.
If I run AUninstall.exe from the unzipped directory, I get this message.
a question: this files is correct files?
Or 2 link that i follow is a bad file?
This files seem a uninstall files more that a install

need use Shell and installer start…you need say this in instruction for window setup…or include a installer for window in file…that is better

I don’t know what could be the problem, it’s a normal Windows installer that works on other people’s machines.

Hi, are there updates about Edgeline 1.0 output?

It’s planned to release at the end of January, as far as I know.

Confirmed :slight_smile:

OK thanks.

As we are slowly getting closer to the end of January (and I’m really looking forward to the first official release), I just wanted to check if you’re still on track to deliver in the next couple of weeks.

We’ve been recently evaluating LVGL (and the beta of EdgeLine) for a new product line at the company I work at.
Some things I missed/noticed in the beta (besides the widgets):

  • Custom fonts (with the ability to only include a specific range of characters, as with the online tool)
  • Other image color formats (and the output currently generated seems to only include the data for the configured color depth, whereas the online tool adds the other formats as well, making it more portable).
  • Some style options have a “strange” link, resulting in unnecessary code (i.e. if I set to border radius to 0, the gradient start/stop is also put in the code).
  • Events seem buggy. Specifically when copying/duplicating widgets, I’ve noticed a few times that events get lost. I was also unable to simply change the “hidden” property on a panel.
  • It would be cool if LVGL and/or EdgeLine would have a standard solution for i18n / multi-language support.
  • Probably needs something smart so that manual “additions” to the code (for behavior that can not be achieved via EdgeLine) do not get lost (or can be done via EdgeLine so that it is aware of them). Currently I compare the generated files to the previous version in my Git repository, but it’s not the most convenient solution.


We are on track! :slightly_smiling_face: Still working on the last things (payment system, license handling,
and minor bugs).

Already added to 1.0

v0.3 exported on 24/32 bit format. In v1.0 you can select the color depth of the project and the images will be exported accordingly.

It was really odd and we have changed it. Did you find other strange links too?

Events are fixed. In v1.0 you can change flags with checkboxes, with the eye icon on the hierarchy panel or from events too.

I agree, but we can add it only in a later release.

In v1.0 there is a “Call function” event action. For the function names EdgeLine generates ui_events.c with empty functions (you can fill their body). EdgeLine merges new functions automatically.

We were thinking a lot about how to allow using features not available in EdgeLine. However, EdgeLine will support it only in a later version. :frowning:
Finally, you can manage it along with the other codes of your UI. For example when you call ui_init you can add customization to the elements or create new ones.