EdgeLine v0.3 is released


We have finished EdgeLine v0.3. The most important features are:

  • Linux version
  • C and MicroPython Code export

Minor changes

  • Add scrollbar the the hierachy panel
  • Unify scrollbars
  • Make the color picker window movable
  • Speed up and fix screen redrawing
  • Add “clip_corner” to bg styles
  • Make the animation’s Play button inactive during the animation
  • Fix outline and opacity animations
  • Fix issues related object rename
  • Various graphical fixes

Windows version: LINK
Linux version: LINK

For the linux version be sure Edgeline.x86_64 and server/micropython are executable. (chmod +x filename)

After that EdgeLine can be run by Edgeline.x86_64.

The exported code doesn’t load any of the screens by default therefore you need to call lv_scr_load(scr_name) manually on the desired screen.

I hope you will like the new version. Please share your experience and ideas in new topics on the Forum.


Eta for a macOS version?


Dear @kisvegabor

Congrats about the new release.
Hard work. And we love it.
We want to publish a book in PacktPub about EdgeLine.
And a training course on Udemy.

What do you think?

Nice progress! :+1:

@kisvegabor how is the deployment on Linux managed?
I recommend looking into AppImage to make it as easy as possible for users to use it (just download and run on any Linux distro).

The code export is based on v8.0?

I’am test it now, and its based probably on 7.0 but modifcation to work on 8.0 should be easy in my opinion

But i also would know who version of the LVGL is compatible with the generator? :grinning:

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Pretty sure, it is version 7. (uses still lv_obj_create(NULL,NULL) instead of lv_obj_create(NULL) for Version 8).

I confirm, it’s v8. :slight_smile:

Edgeline v0.4 will be based on LVGL v8.

first of all: awesome job! :slight_smile:

On Windows 10:
if i export Python everything seems ok. python-file is generated.
if i export C it seems to be in a loop and no file is generated.

do I have to pay attention to something special?


When probably the v0.4 will relase? :smiley: I rly can’t wait on it :smiley:

Great job!
When will it be possible to connect custom fonts with different national characters? For example, in the current version, the text of labels in Russian is not displayed.

That’s great!
When will it can be change screen size more than 480*320,and i think IMGBUTTON should have a default image,but not only display “No data” :grinning:

Im trying to run on Linux but having issues.

On ubuntu It loads fine but the Screens just show a grey checkerboard and no content is rendered on the screens (everything else looks OK.). There are no errors displayed in the console.

I also tried Centos 7 (I dont want to run here but just as an experiment) but it does not load at all

Set current directory to /home/colinm/lvgl/EdgeLine_v0_3_linux
Found path: /home/colinm/lvgl/EdgeLine_v0_3_linux/Edgeline.x86_64
Loading in SingleInstance mode

No GUI appears

On Windows it runs fine but I would like to run on Ubuntu. Is there some debug I can turn on to get more info on what may be wrong ? Any dependences I need?



Update : Just incase anyone else has this issue. The server seems to be looking for libffi.so.6 which I did not have. I did however have libffi.so.7, i created a link from libffi.so.6 to ilibffi.so.7 and it is now working. there may be a better solution but this has go me working.

Will it support V7 too?

What is the export version of the code C? With 8.0.1 it is incompatible.

Thanks, good idea. I’ve just tried it and almost working but it can’t see some files even if they are next to the exectuable. Investigating.

The resolution will be unlocked in v0.4.
Adding a default image to the image button sounds reasonable.

For the C code generation issue please try this version: LINK

On Linux if you see only the checkboard pattern please check if server/micropython is executable.

Edgeline v0.3 is still based on v7. We are moving to LVGL v8 in Edgeline v0.4.

C Code issue is resolved :slight_smile: Thanks for the great work!!

Will there be a short tutorial or manual how to get the .c/.h implemented?

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OK thanks. Exactly what version of V7.xx.x I have to download for Edgeline 0.3.1?

7.11 should work, but I recommend using the version from release/v7 on GitHub, as it has several bugfixes.