DomoWatch : my smart home controled by a T-Watch


My DomoWatch application is close to be promoted as V1.0 :slight_smile:

In addition being a … watch, DomoWatch aims to control my smart home using MQTT messaging form a Lilygo’s T-Watch.

In this first version, I focused more on technical aspects and feasibility than on the ergonomics (even if it is perfectly usable for me :slight_smile: ).

I reached my 1er target milestone :

  • Display … time :slight_smile:
  • NTP time synchronisation
  • display some key temperatures and electricity figures
  • chart temperature trends
  • control shutters

The code has been made in POO way (and commented as well), being very modular and is not so bad to be energy conservative. In addition, everything is managed as much as possible asynchronously.

A video is here :

And the source :

Any comment or help welcome :slight_smile:



Great project, congratulation!

What MCU do you use?


It’s ESP32 powered : some informations.

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