Display freezing problem on ESP32 / ILI9488 / FT6236

I’m trying LVGL on a custom designed board with ESP32 WROVER B & ER-TFT035-6 touch
display. The display is getting frozen, its not changing label values (In Fig 1 Label should
change on BNTMATRIX Press) also screen stucks once its drawn, The Button matrix touch
gives response on terminal but not on Screen, I have set Like: if Password == 1111 , then
another screen should be open but its not. I tried demo benchmark code from lvgl That’s
also Not working Screen is freezed & Got 0 fps result. I have attached full issue report. Looking for help.

Display Issue Report.zip (2.8 MB)


Please try this code: https://github.com/lvgl/lv_examples/blob/release/v7/src/lv_ex_widgets/lv_ex_slider/lv_ex_slider_1.c

Can you drag the slider? Or the screen is only redrawn once?

Problem was solved. It was due to dis_spi.h issue. Thanks for reply & support.