Compiling LVGL V8.0, encountered some errors

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Compiling LVGL V8.0, encountered some errors

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When I set _LV_COLOR_HAS_MODERN_CPP to 0, the error disappeared, but I don’t want to solve the problem this way. What should be wrong.

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Something is confusing the logic which decides the value of _LV_COLOR_HAS_MODERN_CPP - it should always be 0 in a C environment.

Perhaps you have __cplusplus defined even though you are compiling a C file?

thank you.
When I forced _LV_COLOR_HAS_MODERN_CPP to 0, the error disappeared. I use the GCC 10.2 compiler, can I ask you a basic question? Where is __cplusplus defined?How to undefine __cplusplus?

With GCC, __cplusplus should only be defined if you are compiling a C++ file. If it is defined when compiling a C file, there is something wrong with your specific project.