Change appearance of selected options in dropbox and menu widget

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Fairly new to LVGL; but have managed to get latest (Apr. '22) github version (8.2+) running under Arduino on the WIO Terminal. Still exploring widgets and trying to get a handle on the underlying mechanisms for styles in various widgets (e.g. lists, tables, etc.).
Have been running some of the example codes (from Examples — LVGL documentation) on this port. I do not have a touch screen, so have been working with a 5-way keypad switch. Dropbox and menu examples appear to run correctly; but selected options are not highlighted with a background blue color. They remain as black text on a white background like other options. The selected lines do have their font slightly changed - not enough for most users, but I can see it. So, things are mostly behaving as expected. My question is how to change the example code to affect background color for the selected option/button. I assume the answer is in the style system, but it’s not obvious - to me – how to change styles for the internal elements of some of these widgets.

Any pointers would be appreciated. I can include code/details; but most of it is specific to setting up my WIO LCD port and the remainder is code literally pasted from the web site.



You can do it like this:

    lv_obj_set_style_bg_color(lv_dropdown_get_list(dd), lv_color_hex(0xff0000), LV_PART_SELECTED | LV_STATE_CHECKED);