Bdf font since v6.0

I am porting my project to 6.0.
Now, i need to convert my font from bdf format. But i can not find bdf converter for 6.0.
Is it exist?

(cc @puzrin)

I’m pretty sure you will have to convert your BDF file to a TTF or OTF font first. I don’t think the new font converter allows you to convert BDF fonts directly.

I don’t think either.
The problem is that the bdf format contains pixel information. I assume that after converting bdf to TTF (vector type), the font will be distorted.
I already tried to convert a simple TTF font. It looked awful.
But I still try your advice.
The problem is that I need a small font (5x8). At this size ttf does not look at all.

There are pixel-perfect TTF fonts too. For example UNSCII_8 which is a built-in font in LittlevGL. (Can be enabled in lv_conf.h)

Just spend some time and find ready pixel-perfect ttf or required size. It should exist, i’m sure.

Thanks for advices.
There is unscii_8 build-in font in LittlevGL and now i using it.
What i need is to have both english and russian symbols. Since, as you say, there are pixel-perfect TTF fonts, I will try to search.

In worst case, you could try bdf => ttf convertor, but that’s a dead horse. BDF does not have kerning. That’s very outdated in “modern world”, except specific things like code editors and terminals.

That’s normal (as expected). For small size you need pixel-perfect font. I have pending issue about “broken” hinting, but pixel-perfect will look better anyway.

I completely agree.
I tried to convert several ttf fonts to a small size already.
It always looks bad.
Any ideas?

You already got answer - you need pixel-perfect font, drawn for specific size. What exactly is not clear?