Convert unscii_8 font

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I am trying to convert unscii_8 font to add some additional symbols.
I use online converter.
The problem is that symbols of my font are not displayed at all.
Result font has negative base_line value. But base_line has uint8_t type in lvgl library. So negative value transforms to big value.
As a result, check in lv_draw_basic.c, line 291: pos_y + g.box_h < mask_p->y1 failed.
How can i get result, similar to built-in font unscii_8.
And one more: what is exactly font do you use (there are also tall, thins, etc.)?
P.S. I test my app in simulator. Lvgl version is up to 2020.01.30.
my settings:

@puzrin Can you take a look at this? Should base_line also be signed?

I’ve just tried it and font was converter correctly. I’ve changed the uint8_t base_line to int8_t and now it works for me. I’ve pushed the fix to master.

@embeddedt base_line is out of font convertor scope, see spec. Font data has ascent & descent. The rest is specific to renderer engine implementation.

As far as i remember descent is always negative (or zero).