Are the repositories monitored / kept up to date?

I filed two issues in lv_port_esp32, submitted a PR to fix one of them, and sent a followup email WRT ESP32 support. No response to anything, and it’s been nearly a week.

Is the ESP32 port dead?

I’ve just checked the issues and merged both.

@Carlos_Diaz What is your availability recently?
I hope we can merge the driver architecture improvements to LVGL master soon and start to merge the drivers there too.


@Carlos_Diaz Let me know how I can help. Should I create PRs for lvgl_esp32_drivers branch master (which currently doesn’t work with IDF V4)?

But if i move to IDF V5, then lv_port_esp32 isn’t compatible.

Not sure what the plan is.

Similar issues for me here. I get EVE errors. I have filed a bug, but I’m working with a company to move from ESP-IDF to PlatformIO, and whilst mostly everything works at the moment, we’re looking to upgrade to LVGLv8, or at least solve the issues with lvgl_esp32_drivers. It looks like the develop branch fixes the EVE errors. It’s a huge blocker for us, and I’m looking at alternate GFX libs…

@shymega Any promising libraries?

The only thing I’ve found is FabGL, and I’m reluctant to switch GUI libraries, as it’s all coded for LVGL. If LVGL would keep the ESP32 drivers up to date and maintained, we would stay.

Any updates on this, LVGL Team? This is a blocker for our project, and the substantial difference between develop v. master is very confusing. I’m blocked from compiling for LVGL, and it’s looking like we’ll have to redo all our embedded UI code with a competitor library.

I’ve just commented in this issue:

I’d be happy to give 300 USD for updating these repos to v8

I hope we will get some traction in this topic.

Honestly, I don’t think throwing money at this will help. I recognise the time constraints faced by developers, as a maintainer myself, I get the burnout, but maybe this repo should have a note saying it’s looking for new maintainers…

Donations could help, but I think the main issue here is the management of the repository.

Also, moving to v8 straight away would break a lot of code - we’re better off merging the dev branch to mainline, sorting out existing bugs, then starting a new ‘track’ to v8.

I don’t mind being a maintainer for the ESP32 port, but I didn’t want to step on any toes.

It’s amazing! These two repos are mainly developed by @Carlos_Diaz so let’s wait for his reply.

Could you comment in this issue too?

A related topic: LVGL’s master branch is now updated with a new driver architecture and now we can host all the drivers in the LVGL repo too. It will be available only from v9, so the v8 update is still needed.
However, we can start to think about adding some experimental display controllers (e.g. ILI9341) and vendor APIs. I’ve just open this issue for this topic. Please share your ideas and remarks on it.

Carlos hasn’t commented in these forums since June 2021, unless you’re referring to awaiting a response on GH.

I meant a comment somewhere :slightly_smiling_face: But he was active in the LVGL repo in the past weeks.

Anyway, if we don’t get an answer this week, we can proceed. What would be your plans with the ESP repos?

@MrSurly Carlos just replied on GitHub saying that he is busy now.

Please answer this and we are ready to go. :slight_smile:

And another question: approximately how much time can you spend with maintaining the repos (in foreseeable future)?

Long term goal is to have stable, usable drivers for ESP32.

Short term would to evaluate what we have now, and consider if we should modify / salvage what’s there, or start a new fork and cherry-pick relevant code.

4-5 hours a week.

@kisvegabor Is there a more efficient way in which we can chat (discord/slack)? Now that I dig deeper into this, I have concerns about porting and the LVGL HAL concept.

All sound great! I think most effective would be if I gave write access for you in both repos. If you agree, please let me know what your GitHub user name is.

If you have some time, please also take look at this discussion.

I’m available on Slack. I’ve just sent an invitation to the email address you are using here. If you’d prefer using an other email address, just let me know.

This is great to see. If any help is needed from my end, please let me know.

The LVGL v9 driver arch sounds like a good move, too.