Are the repositories monitored / kept up to date?

I filed two issues in lv_port_esp32, submitted a PR to fix one of them, and sent a followup email WRT ESP32 support. No response to anything, and it’s been nearly a week.

Is the ESP32 port dead?

I’ve just checked the issues and merged both.

@Carlos_Diaz What is your availability recently?
I hope we can merge the driver architecture improvements to LVGL master soon and start to merge the drivers there too.


@Carlos_Diaz Let me know how I can help. Should I create PRs for lvgl_esp32_drivers branch master (which currently doesn’t work with IDF V4)?

But if i move to IDF V5, then lv_port_esp32 isn’t compatible.

Not sure what the plan is.

Similar issues for me here. I get EVE errors. I have filed a bug, but I’m working with a company to move from ESP-IDF to PlatformIO, and whilst mostly everything works at the moment, we’re looking to upgrade to LVGLv8, or at least solve the issues with lvgl_esp32_drivers. It looks like the develop branch fixes the EVE errors. It’s a huge blocker for us, and I’m looking at alternate GFX libs…

@shymega Any promising libraries?

The only thing I’ve found is FabGL, and I’m reluctant to switch GUI libraries, as it’s all coded for LVGL. If LVGL would keep the ESP32 drivers up to date and maintained, we would stay.