Are the repositories monitored / kept up to date?

@shymega, I intend to begin work on bringing the ESP32 port to V8 soon; can you help test?

(Trying not to clutter this thread)

From a maintainership perspective, I’d start by resolving the branch differences (develop & master), then test it works with LVGL v7 fully - as not everyone is on v8 yet, including me.

Then make a tag for lvgl_esp32_drivers targeting LVGL v7, and branch off into a new, staging, branch. Once that’s working, merge into master, make a tag for LVGL v8 targeting, and lvgl_esp32_drivers can be put into a ‘freeze’. After the freeze, ESP32 drivers can be merged into the new abstraction appearing in LVGL v9.

That’d be my approach anyway.

In terms of my equipment, I’m working on a smart earbuds case - the screen is touch-enabled, using an ILI9341 TFT controller, with an FT6X06. That’s all the modules I have here locally.

What do you think?

  1. It’s okay to clutter this thread; it’s about ESP32 + LVGL
  2. I was under the impression that the present ESP32 repo was V7 compatible?

Alright, no worries.

It is, but there are some issues I’m seeing with LVGL v7.11, and we have two branches with differing states - so that’s why I felt we should get it up to date with LVGL v7, then focus on v8, and so-on.

Can you please estimate how much time is it going to take you to finishv7 and then v8? I was under the same impression that it works with v7. Though I agree that everything should work but does it really worth to spend time to finetune v7 while v9 is comming and v8 is not working?

I’m not sure adding a v7 tag is a good idea as it prevents adding fixes later. I recommend having a release/v7 branch and add the v8 version to master. (Having a temporary branch is fine though)

Note that, for v9 we will have the drivers in the v9 repo, so having a v9 branch in the ESP repos are not required.

@shymega Are you on any chat (e.g. Slack/discord/ whatever) that we could coordinate on? I’ve begun work on updating the repos for LVGL 7.11.0 and IDF V5.

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If needed we can create a Slack group too. Just let me know and I’ll take create it.

It doesn’t fully work for me. There are still bugs that need to be fixed. Also, please bear in mind it’s a voluntary effort, and I don’t think @MrSurly or other maintainers get paid for their efforts…

Agreed, branching off for v7 and v8 makes sense to me. Would you advise putting lvgl_esp32_drivers into a ‘soft freeze’ (a la Debian) when v7/v8 are complete, to allow for bug fixes, then?

I’m on Discord. I’ll DM you my tag - but please keep it private for now.

@kisvegabor Slack sounds good.

@MrSurly just wrote me that he will send a Slack invite :slight_smile: