Add users' style to dropdown list

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hi, I have some questions for using dropdown list widget. yeah, I add my own styles for dropdown list, because I need to show chinese characters in my dorpdown list, and the code is shown below. I found that if I craete the dropdown list by my own API, it can show chinese characters, but while the opntions is too much that when I open the list, it diffcult to selected the ‘option1’, it hard to scroll up to the first option, is something wrong with my codes?

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lv_style_t cet_dropdown_style_bg;
lv_style_t cet_dropdown_style_list;

void cet_general_dropdownlist_style_init(void)
    lv_style_set_radius(&cet_dropdown_style_bg, 0);
    lv_style_set_text_font(&cet_dropdown_style_bg, &msyh_12);

    lv_style_set_radius(&cet_dropdown_style_list, 0);
    //lv_style_set_border_width(&cet_dropdown_style_list, 1);
    //lv_style_set_pad_left(&cet_dropdown_style_list, 0);
    //lv_style_set_pad_right(&cet_dropdown_style_list, 0);
    //lv_style_set_pad_top(&cet_dropdown_style_list, 0);
    //lv_style_set_pad_bottom(&cet_dropdown_style_list, 0);
    lv_style_set_text_align(&cet_dropdown_style_list, LV_TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER);
    lv_style_set_text_font(&cet_dropdown_style_list, &msyh_12);
    lv_style_set_max_height(&cet_dropdown_style_list, 300);

lv_obj_t* cet_general_dropdownlist_create(lv_obj_t* par, lv_coord_t w,
                                lv_style_t* style_bg, lv_style_t* style_list,
                                const char* option)
    lv_obj_t* dd = lv_dropdown_create(par);
    lv_obj_set_width(dd, w);
    lv_dropdown_set_symbol(dd, NULL);

    if (style_bg != NULL)
        lv_obj_add_style(dd, style_bg, LV_PART_MAIN);
        lv_obj_add_style(dd, &cet_dropdown_style_bg, LV_PART_MAIN);

    lv_obj_t* list = lv_dropdown_get_list(dd);
    if (list != NULL)
        if (style_list != NULL)
            lv_obj_add_style(list, style_list, LV_PART_MAIN);
            lv_obj_add_style(list, &cet_dropdown_style_list, LV_PART_MAIN);

    if (option != NULL)
        lv_dropdown_set_options(dd, option);

    return dd;

static void dd_event_cb(lv_event_t* e)
    lv_event_code_t code = lv_event_get_code(e);
    lv_obj_t* dd = lv_event_get_target(e);

    if (code == LV_EVENT_VALUE_CHANGED)
        lv_obj_t* list = lv_dropdown_get_list(dd);
        lv_obj_add_style(list, &cet_dropdown_style_list, LV_PART_MAIN);

static void lv_dropdown_list(lv_obj_t* par)

    static const char* dd1_options = "option1\noption2\noption3\noption4\noption5\noption6\noption7\noption8\noption9\n"
    static const char* dd2_options = "选项1\n选项2\n选项3\n选项4\n选项5\n选项6\n选项7\n选项8\n选项9\n选项10\n"
    static const char* dd3_options = "option1\noption2\noption3\noption4\noption5\noption6";

    lv_obj_t* dd1 = cet_general_dropdownlist_create(par, 120,
                                NULL, NULL, dd1_options);
    lv_obj_add_event_cb(dd1, dd_event_cb, LV_EVENT_VALUE_CHANGED, NULL);
    lv_obj_align_to(dd1, NULL, LV_ALIGN_TOP_LEFT, 0, 0);

    lv_obj_t* dd2 = cet_general_dropdownlist_create(par, 120,
                                NULL, NULL, dd2_options);
    lv_obj_align_to(dd2, NULL, LV_ALIGN_TOP_RIGHT, 0, 0);

    lv_obj_t* dd3 = cet_general_dropdownlist_create(par, 120,
                                NULL, NULL, dd3_options);
    lv_obj_add_event_cb(dd3, dd_event_cb, LV_EVENT_VALUE_CHANGED, NULL);
    lv_obj_align_to(dd3, NULL, LV_ALIGN_TOP_MID, 0, 0);


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@kisvegabor It will be grateful if you can reply to me.

@embeddedt @kisvegabor can you do me a favor please?


as the gif show, when I open the ddlist , it hardly scroll up to the ‘option 1’

Thanks for the report. It was bug in LVGL indeed.

I’ve pushed a fix to master: