Zephyr, Nordic nrf52840dk, Waveshare, SPI


Waveshare display to work with nordic nrf52840dk and zephyr

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

nordic nrf52840dk and zephyr

What do you want to achieve?

at this point, any kind response from display. We were able to run the waveshare in minutes with Arduino, but have been struggling for weeks with nordic/zephyr

What have you tried so far?

running the LVGL sample without modification.
west build -b nrf52840dk_nrf52840 -d build52840 – -DSHIELD=waveshare_epaper_gdeh0213b72

We cannot confirm GDEH0213B72 is the correct shield to use. Ribbon cable only has: “FPC-AO02” and “20.04.08” printed on it.

2.13inch E-Ink Display HAT V4 Version, Black/White Two-Color 250x122 Pixel E-Paper Module for Raspberry Pi


pinouts used:
MOSI (DIN, blue) P1.13 (Arduino 17)
SCK (CLK, yellow) P1.15 (Arduino 19)
CS (CS, orange) P1.12 (Arduino 16)
DC (DC, green) P1.11 (Arduino 15)
RESET (RST, white) P1.10 (Arduino 14)
BUSY (BUSY, purple) P1.08 (Arduino 13)

Code to reproduce

GitHub - mej558/lvgl_1 (unmodified sample from NCS/zephyr)

Screenshot and/or video

a few things I’ve noticed: