WT32-SC01 setup


I have a WT32-SC01 screen and I watched a video on youtbe to learn how to program:

I can’t find all the options, for example how to connect the wifi in the block module.

Can you help me ?


8ms.xyz is a website that is developed by @WIRELESS_TAG, you should contact them directly.
Judging by this issue on their Github repository, it seems that they are still working on this feature.

You don’t need to use 8ms.xyz and blockly to program the WT-SC01. You can also use Arduino or ESP-IDF to code in C(++).

Can you share a link to an example using either ESP-IDF or Arduino? I’m having a hard time finding one that works with the WT-SC01 Plus (the one that comes with a ESP32 S3 WROVER).

@asdwedxz Check out https://github.com/Skorpi08/WT32-SC01-PLUS
or https://github.com/sukesh-ak/WT32-SC01-PLUS-LVGL-IDF