Wrong in font converter in LittlevGL6.0

I tried to convert the font file from https://littlevgl.com/ttf-font-to-c-array, and the website doesn’t response, and in the chrome console window, it shows

Here is the convert parameters:
Bpp:4 bit-per-pixel

and I try the offline font converter, but there is error when install the lv_font_conv

Can anyone give me some suggest?

I tried to convert the font file from https://littlevgl.com/ttf-font-to-c-array , and the website doesn’t response

It looks like you must have a network issue on your PC, as your browser failed to load one of the necessary libraries.

The converter loads normally on my computer.

Hi embeddedt
Can you give me the converted c source file? I want to try it on my project, thank you for your help

I try to convert the font using offline tool, and it said “ doesn’t have any characters included in range 0x4e00-0x9fa5”

please give me some advise, thank you, and there is my font file FontAwesome.zip (96.2 KB)

I use the ttf in C:\Windows\Fonts, and the offline converter works, thank for your help