Widget to draw a linear scale

This is like the linemeter except it is linear, not curved. Sorry about the name but I was working in the existing names.
Coupled with a bar it serves as a labeled axis. The chart has some similar logic.


With a bar and label it makes a display


The code below will not work unless you add the define to lv_conv.h. And you should update the themes too.

/*Linear scale (dependencies: *;)*/

But I wanted to post this here to see if it was worth incorporating into the main code. Probably it needs a couple of style attributes added, like tick ratios.


Looks great! Better yet if the ticks could be over the bar meter to save screen space.

If you align the scale over the bar then it will show over the top.



Looks good! Thank you for sharing!

Hi! Do you have plans do add it to the main source tree?


We need to consider 2 things to add a new widget:

  • Is it general enough? Will it be used by a decent number of people?
  • The features need to planned carefully to make easy to use, light and versatile. Besides a docs page and examples need to be created. This part mainly depend on whether @xennex as time and interest to discuss it and improve the widget is needed.
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Great widget. This is already giving me some ideas! :slight_smile:

Hello, now I see your part, I have a lot of ideas and use, could you please provide the source code? Thank you