Why dont touchscreen work?

I created a new project on cube ide for stm32f746g disco, and i included your tft and touchscreen libraries.Now tft library is working but touchscreen dont work? How can i find a solution? Help me please?
this video of;

i ’ m so sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:
my project rar file;

Can you upload your code to GitHub (it’s easier/safer to view that way)? Did you register the touchscreen driver the same way the official project does?

Github link; https://github.com/nesetaydinn/rgbledcontrollerguiStm32f7
Yes, i got the drivers from your atollic project;

I wait a feedback, Please give me a answer for solution.

I took a look but I didn’t see anything that was done incorrectly. Try adding a debug statement to the touchpad_read function and see if it gets into there.

i added a breakpoint in touchpad_init() function. It geting into. but touchpad_read(lv_indev_drv_t *indev, lv_indev_data_t *data) not geting into. Why ? How can find a solution?

Are you sure that lv_task_handler is being called after the first frame is rendered? You may want to set a breakpoint on that.

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Okey so sorry for gave mention on each post. lv_task_handler is being called.
void touchpad_init(void);

static bool touchpad_read(lv_indev_drv_t *indev, lv_indev_data_t *data);


Strange. It must not be registering the input task, otherwise touchpad_read should get called.

I assume you are using the same lv_conf.h that our project does. Perhaps you should try stepping through lv_indev_drv_register to see if there are any errors.