Why did you change general API?

I downloaded latest master into my project and it is really different! I tried change lot of things to new API, but it is really hard and I must stay on version 5.3

Please, which version is latest compatible with my version?
Is it any guide, how to fast change my project to new API?

Thank you Very much.

The most recent V5.3 is here,

Migrating is not as difficult as you think.
I have recently gone through the process on a few fairly large projects.
The main things I needed to change were

  • The drivers, but these are minimal,
  • Actions to Events, once you have done one of them it is a copy and paste excersize for the others,
  • Fonts. This is really only necesarry if you generated your own fonts. If so they will need to be regenerated. However it is worth the effort as the V6 font system is far better and simplier than that of V5.3
  • lv_conf.h, looked at what I needed to change from the template. For me these were minimal.

I found working through this guide was all that I needed to do.

I hope this helps you.

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Thank you. I will try it, when I will have more time for it :-). Now I am using latest v5.3 and it seems working good. But I see some issues maybe, but I don’t know, if it is fixed in new version.