Why can take definition error on cube ide? how can i solution?

I gave up the canvas, now i m developing a object for analogue dial, i get lmeter for reference object. Now i draw my dial on Visual studio simulation;
but take errors to lvgl objects in now on cube ide.
This is page create module;

This is Analog Dial module;

/only draw static dial for now/
This is compiler error outputs;

i defined at lv_conf.h

/tos_Analog Clock/

and i added at lv_theme.h

lv_style_t * tos_anologClock;

See my response to your other post.

Also, please keep discussions in one place, otherwise it’s difficult for future readers to follow along and see what the steps were to debug or what the solution was. :slightly_smiling_face:

thank you :slight_smile: