Which type of widget is suitable for the watch UI design?

Dear LVGL,

I want to use LVGL to design a smart watch UI system. The system including some pages can be switched by the finger slide (left, right, up and down) on the touch screen and some others pages should popup when some events happen (Alarm, Notification, and so on).

I know the tabview widget can be used to solve the horizontal pages switch. But I’v no idea how to implement the vertical pages switch and the popup pages.

Any suggestion for me?

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

RTL8762DW (Keil Mdk compiler)

What LVGL version are you using?


Thanks for any reply.

Hello, I am also working on RTL8762DW, I think we can talk about it together. :grinning:

TileView or custom widget or new scroll framework(dev-v8)

TileView seems perfect. I will study on it. Thanks.

I suggest that that we can join QQ or Wechat to discuss this. :grinning:

My pleasure.

Please share me your QQ or Wechart ID through the email.Thanks.

Okay. :grinning:

NEW UPDATE: Rework scrolling layouts(Support for Flex and Grid layout). :grinning: