Which device will match to this requirements

My point is use 800x480 screen. I suppose that simple menu will work fine on “any” device, but at one screen I must place 800x480 picture. How fast LVGL can do it?. Will be fine if I decode jpg/png from flash or place some external flash who will keep bmp?- I think that it also will be not speedy. If they can draw it in 200-300ms then will be enough for me.
I consider to use some cheap and fast ARM M7 device, find some screen with SPI interface and use DMA

This is my “optymistic” idea ;/

Look at the ESP32-S2 or S3 with a RM68120 Display.
S3 Example: ESP32-S3 LVGL 8.1 Demos 4.3" LCD - YouTube.

IMHO: SPI is to slow for a “big” screen like that. i80 or a rgb panel is a better choise.

I’m not sure about 8080 vs SPI. SPI baudrate can be very high with DMA. Parallel port need to generate also WRITE signal.

This ESP have some hardware for screen, who (if I see good) are not suported in LVGL yet. I will need to use Esperssif enviorment.

The Example Video shows LVGL running on S3!?
The ESP32-S2 handles i80 via I2S LCD Mode and ESP32-S3 via LCD Interface both via DMA.
RM68120 runs at a clock of 10MHz with 16 bits per cycle.
Here samplecode for i80 and LVGL from Espressif: https://github.com/espressif/esp-idf/tree/master/examples/peripherals/lcd/i80_controller

In fact, I misunderstand you. So I have first dev board to buy. Hmmm, probably I no need nothing more, It’s cheap and scalable trough external flash on qspi. I can burn it by many bmp who will be fast.

Do you want to develop a device or do you just search for a fast single device project?
for a fast project you can have a look on the LVGL Certified boards: Board Certification Program | From idea to product.
Not sure how complex your system is and how skilled you are, a quick solution can be to use a Nextion Screen but as far as i know you can not use lvgl with it only their own gui editor.

It’s (small) comercial topic, so i must find solution who is available and in good price. Each subsequent sentence who I read about S2/S3 tell me that it can be good solution. Also I not touch ESP in last 5 years so it’s good time to play with this. I order some devboard and I will try to check it when it comes.

I’m in the same position, i bought a devkit from a chinese seller last month (the same person who made the youtube video). About this Link: ESP32 S2 HMI DevKit ESP32 LVGL 8080 parallel LCD MPU6050 BH1750|Home Automation Kits| - AliExpress, the link is to the ESP32-S2 Version but contact him he also sells a S3 Version, and ask for a discount, i payed 20€ less last month. You can find LVGL samplecode for this devkit here: https://github.com/W00ng/ESP32-S3-HMI-DevKit.
Not sure why but the official ESP32-S2-HMI-DevKit-1 is already EOL.

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S2 I buy this ESP32-S2 Parallel TFT with Touch 3.5'' ILI9488 V1.1 | Makerfabs
For S3 I think to buy this, ESP32-S3-BOX, not available anywhere. It comes to Digi in next week.

I take also some S2 small module, and here I connect my 800x480 screen.