Where to buy LCDs?

This is not just lvgl project, but I thing other users of this forum can help me or are interested on this topic too.

So I have an small project based on “breakout tft board” and I need to buy only the tft panel for a custom pcb prototype.

If I check on common part suppliers, prices start at 30€ and there are too few chioces. If I try to find om chinnesse markets, most stores offer too little information and it is difficult find something more than controller ic datasheet.

I found a page name lcdwiki.com, with a lot of info, but its only a wiki, not an online shop.
I found also wandisplay.com, with some models, but not exactly what I need.

So, where can I buy an 3.5" 480x320 IPS 8bit-8080 interface TFT?
Witch webs are ppl here using for LCD part search?

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I’ve bought a default portrait version of this display, with capacitive touch, that I use with LVGL 6. I got at:

for the version with breakout interface, for prototyping. But a cheap/thin version is available with flat ribbon connector at the same web site.

Have had zero problems with buydisplay.com. Note – they ship from China, so it can take some time.

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Yes, I wanted some web like that. But still I cant find what I need. Some tft like your link, but with shorter FPC and able to solder, without connector.
Thanks for the link

I buy the “3.5 LCD CTP” variant here 2.4/2.8/3.5 inch TFT LCD 40PIN Socket Capacitive Resistive Touch Display Screen ILI9488 ILI9341 R61529 Controller 0.5 MM spacing|LCD Modules| - AliExpress and it works well for me. So far got 30, in a few orders and all worked as expected. ILI9488, and capacitive touch (don’t remember the exact chip but can look up).

These are bare panels which I glue to the back side of the PCB of my project.

Another good source, but slightly more expensive is buydisplay.com, which is a stable source and comes with good documentation. You can buy bare panel or one which is mounted on its own PCB which is easier to connect by more bulky. You can find exact ICs as the one above I mentioned.

If you just need one or two the price doesn’t matter much. If you want to get a large quantity and a stable supply it’s a little bit more tricky. I tried to locate the company that manufactures the brand LianHowCai but failed.

This is the schematic of my project which uses 8 bit parallel interface and a bare panel. The selection of the interface is done via the IM0, IM1, IM2 pins of the TFT and it supports other interfaces such as 16 bit parallel (faster) or SPI (slower).

I also find this one:

I recommend Alibaba. I´m not sure if you must have company to be able buy something there but I think I did some business as person (not in behalf of my employer). Some time ago I bought 20 pcs of this LCD, but I did not played with those yet. It is just LCD, without touch panel and if you need just 1 or 2, I could sell you these :wink: .

When I looked at alibaba a few months ago shipping rates were very high. Much more than aliexpress.

@zapta Yes, shipping is more expensive than Aliexpress, but you will get better price for LCD if you buy more pcs. Aliexpress is good if you need one piece, but (at least for me) is Alibaba better for bigger orders. You are dealing with seller (probably) from factory and you can much more easily specify what you need :wink: . Also you can get datasheet for what you are buying (before you pay anything) so you will know what you will get.

Just check ur stepper analyzer dchematic. What is the functionality of tearing lcd signal?

Its is experimental. The tearing is and output signal of the TFT which indicates when a new refresh scan starts. I was toying with the idea of using it to control the timing of the pixels updates from the MCU to avoid the display artifacts.

Thanks. Interesting feature, but now I dont know how use with lvgl display driver structure. I think tft internall refresh is much higher than cpu can draw. What is the max supossed TFT screen refresh freq? (for your tft for example)

There is some discussion here Anything can be be done about the tearing effect?

There is not consensus yet on how to avoid tearing.

I will check. Thanks

3.0微5WZ2XN7iinT嘻 https://m.tb.cn/h.f0VNNdG?sm=72f560 3.2寸TFT电容触摸显示屏240*320MCU8位单片机驱动ST7789V&FT5336

Remember to pay attention to the backlight voltage and screen interface

I have succeeded