Where is the font converter for 5.3?

Hello everyone,
I’ll start with LittlevGL and iMXRT 1064 EVK board.
In the NXP SDK there are a few examples I would like to start with. The NXP SDK still has the version 5.3 to which I can not find a font converter.
Is there a link to the online font converter version 5.3?

Thank you in advance

Did you have a look at the new font converter? https://littlevgl.com/ttf-font-to-c-array

Near the bottom there is a link to the 5.3 version.

I would advise, though, that you upgrade to 6.0 once you feel you have enough experience. Version 5.3 is almost a year old and there have been a lot of bugfixes and new features added since.

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