Where can I find a tutorial that works?

I have wasted a lot of hours trying different tutorials on how to get lvgl working on a display. If someone could please help me get a demo working that would be a huge accomplishment. I’m using an esp32 wroom and a ST7796U display with a FT6336U touch interface.

I have been using the Arduino IDE. The only thing that I have managed to get working correctly is
library: LovyanGFX
example: 2_user_settings
But I have not been able to get any demos working from squareline studios.

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LVGL has a very nice guide for getting started, here is a link of where I recommend you start - Set up a project — LVGL documentation. Try your best to not get frustrated and really take your time to read through and truly understand their getting started guide, I’ve learned that LVGL is a very powerful tool but it is not necessarily as plug-and-play as it sounds like you’re maybe expecting it to be. Based on what you have written I’m not really sure at which part you’re stuck on but if you have more specific question please feel free to ask and I can do my best to try to help.