What version of LVGL is available for ESP32?

I see that the github readme says LVGL v7 for ESP32 port.
When will the v8 available? Its for use with ESP-IDF project.

I’m use last master from git. Works fine.

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The master is still on old v7 version.

The component LVGL Version is 8.2.0:

More about IDF components:

The LCD examples are using LVGL:

LCD examples are using ESP-LCD component which does not have most of the drivers already available in the drivers repo.

Found that the develop branch here has the fixes but yet to test it
lvgl/lvgl_esp32_drivers: Drivers for ESP32 to be used with LVGL (github.com)

Git working now!
ESP-IDF & Arduino samples for WT32-SC01 using LVGL8 + LOVYANGFX

Device : WT32-SC01
Display / Touch Drivers : LovyanGFX
Widgets : LVGL 8.x


Arduino => WT32-SC01 + LVGL8 + LOVYANGFX