What TFT screen for ESP32

Hi all,
First post - I am trying to build a DIY solar charging/battery monitoring device with an ESP32 and a TFT screen with touch. I need to display stats in charts for 3 bluetooth transmitters.

I am currently looking at a $11 3.5 inch TFT display on aliexpress
basically $11 3.5 inch TFT SPI 480x320 with touch

Will this work well(display/touch) with LVGL?

I have watched LVGL’s youtube demo video, and the 800x600 display looks so good, touch was super responsive especially the slider and keyboard. I am impressed.

I don’t know if the $11 480x320 would give similar performance, I am happy to spent a bit more for a decent display.

I am not new to C/C++ or python , but fairly new to embedded systems. Thank you in advance.

480px * 320px * 16 (2bytes) * 24FPS => 52MHz SPI clock (check your hardware limits).

If you don’t need 24FPS - don’t worry. If you plan to create a lot of smooth animations - parallel interface can be preferable.

Hi @guoxiaotian, we have a demo repository lv_port_esp32 with support for several displays, as @puzrin pointed out choosing the display controller depends on your application, on the repository above we support SPI interface.

@Carlos_Diaz, @puzrin Thank you both for the advice, this is very helpful.