What does `#define LV_DRV_DISP_CMD_DATA(val) /*pin_x_set(val)*/` do?

I’m studying the code for the ILI9341 driver. I don’t understand what the following line does (lv_drv_conf.h:33):

#define LV_DRV_DISP_CMD_DATA(val) /*pin_x_set(val)*/ /*Set the command/data pin to 'val'*/

It looks like it might replace calls to LV_DRV_DISP_CMD_DATA with a commented out call to pin_x_set(val), but then how could the driver work?

This part lv_driver repository is not maintained for long time :frowning:
For exactly these reasons we will move the drivers in to the lvgl repo where there will be maintained in more flexible architecture.

So for the time being I suggest getting an example inti code ILI9341 (there are man out there) and create your own driver.