What can I do when I have a lot of list elements

In my project, the list of songs is displayed through the list, but there are more than 200 songs, and if you insert them all into the list, you will run out of memory.

May I ask how to handle the list to ensure that the song list can be displayed normally and consume less memory at the same time?

List is container type object , and every element is next objects = big count.
Normal lvconf is set to low count screen object design.
You have two choices:

  1. set mem bigger for lvgl or mem custom to use complete memory alloc
  2. use efective code to have only visible elements in list , here simpler mode is use lv_roller object.

Thank you! But lv_roller can’t insert ICONS in elements, I need to put ICONS in each element

Yes here you can use only symbol icons part of font… or point 1 or better 2a