Weird white outline on everything that doesnt show up in SquareLine Studio but on "Cheap Yellow Display"?


I built a simple UI on SquareLine Studio to track two progress things on my local network, it looks alright on SquareLine Studio but as soon as I put it on the device (info below) it gets these weird white outlines as if it tried some sort of antialisasing but every lerped pixel is just white.

What MCU/Processor/Board and compiler are you using?

ESP32-2432S04C, Capacitive LCD commonly called “Cheap Yellow Display”
should have an ILI9341 driver chip on it, although the colors are correct without big endian color bytes. I set it up as 16bit non swapped color depth in Square Line Studio.

What LVGL version are you using?


What do you want to achieve?

Not have those white outlines

What have you tried so far?

fiddled around with every lv_conf.h setting, changed color swap settings and such in SLS a bunch

Code to reproduce

GitHub - rzeldent/esp32-smartdisplay at feature/esp32s3 Used this library for the display.

Used GitHub - rzeldent/esp32-smartdisplay-demo at feature/esp32s3 this project as a base because first time working with the device and LVGL, the UI thats on there first works without white outlines, but even using that projects LVGL header file doesnt remove the outlines. It will do it on pretty much every SLS UI I create.

Screenshot and/or video

How it looks on the display

How it looks in SLS

SLS have on project theme setup, how is your ?

I have tried all of the devices that offer the resolution of the device. All that work (even with 16 bit swapped and resulting color swap) have the issue. Currently using Arduino with eTFT even though thats not right, just because it offers the option to not bit swap.

I’ve also tried copying the settings from the example project repository which also create the white border.

How should the configuration optimally look for the 2.4 inch capactive cheap yellow display?

I added a color wheel, and the colors are all messed up, but they are messed up in the same way if I enable or disable bit swap so I am even more confused.



I got it working, the board seems to be no bit inverted color codes, but it does have BGR color order, so with the Library I was using to drive the board, it was as simple as enabling the build flag -D TFT_PANEL_ORDER_BGR and not using bit swap for the 16 bit colors.