wayland can't redraw, touch doesn't work

i cloned the latest version of lgvl and this driver directly. of course, the compilation will report:
lv_mem_alloc, lv_mem_free, lv_memset_00 are wrong, this problem should be a version matching problem. I’ll fix it after editing. Here is the code:

int main(void)

	lv_disp_t *disp = lv_wayland_create_window(1280, 800, "Window Title", NULL);
	//lv_wayland_window_set_fullscreen(disp, true);
	while (1) {
    return 0;

trying the readme code under wayland has no effect.

after the demo page appears, there is no response. i thought it was because there was no touch event, but the data could be printed out, but the page was stuck.