[walv] An Online GUI Designer for LittlevGL

I would like to introduce my new project walv. You can try it online.
walv supports C and Python and has many features(style editor, code preview…). It’s a static web app and can be deployed anywhere. To use walv, what you need is the latest browser(Recommend PC 1920x1080).

Style Editor(initial, for text only)



  1. Click a node of the treeview in the left(as the parent), for example, screen.
  2. Choose which widget you want, and then click the +.

Generat && Export the final code

  1. Click the Generate button to generate the source code, you can preview and edit the code in Code Editor.
  2. Click the Export button, you can download the code in Code Editor.

This project welcomes any suggestions and ideas. :wink:


Very cool! :clap:

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I tried it and found that if I create many objects, delete all, add one more and export the code… the code has entries for all deleted objects.

Oh, you need to click the generate to refresh the code, otherwise, the old code still remains

Awesome! :heart:

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Cool, do you consider supporting other ports of Lvgl in other languages?

It’s cool!
but, the max of screen size is only 800x480 pi!
The larger resolution LCD is common now.
Hope the APP can use in larger screen size!

wow, this really works pretty well! I don’t see a way to save projects, can this be done?