Visual Studio vs. Visual Studio Code

Could we add a note to the docs that visual studio and visual studio code is not the same setup procedure for the sdl project etc. Maybe I am just tired because it is late but I got pretty far into beating my head against a wall until I realized my mistake.

I think most people who need a setup guide would probably use visual studio code anyway so it might be better to offer setup instructions for that instead.

I updated the README here:

I was thinking about creating an LVGL a Visual Studio plugin. What do you think about it?


Yes, that would be awesome if it means not having to configure the IDE and SDL etc… A big problem I had is that VS code didn´t use my include folder for the standard libs, windows.h, sdl dependancies and getting everything configured is a nightmare for beginners. It seems like everything has 100s of steps and no or outdated documentation.

Now I still have identifier “lv_color_t” is undefined and identifier “pfnSDL_CurrentBeginThread” is undefined even though the config is set. I am using the main from the visual studio demo project.

That was always a big plus for Arduino since the compiler etc didn´t need to be configured. You just installed the ide and could start. I think having a wysiwyg builder like Qt has would be the ultimate win for LVGL. Just open up and go. Maybe it would be possible to leverage a project like Theia to integrate a Visual Studio style IDE. Eclipse Theia is an open source project to build an IDE and even supports VS extensions.

I have been following the projects that are out there so far and they have a good start but none are really complete enough yet to be usable.

Sadly my experience is all in web dev so I am pretty useless in helping with that unless making a web app based builder. I have considered making CSS representations of all the widgets that could be arranged with a drag and drop interface. That would allow making basic GUIs but more advanced customizations would be difficult to do going that route.

I’ll take look thank you!

Take a look at our Roadmap. It should be releases in the end of this year.